Naveneetha K Vasudevan

About Me

I am a PhD student in the Software Development Team at King's College London, where I work with Laurence Tratt.

My research interests broadly lie in the field of Context-Free Grammars (CFGs), with particular interests in ambiguity detection, language composition and Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs).

e-mail:    github: nvasudevan


1.  Detecting ambiguity in programming language grammars [BibTeX, Experiment, PDF] Naveneetha Vasudevan, Laurence Tratt Proc. 6th International Conference on Software Language Engineering (SLE), October 2013

2.  Search-Based ambiguity detection in context-free grammars [BibTeX, PDF] Naveneetha Vasudevan, Laurence Tratt Proc. Imperial College Computing Student Workshop (ICCSW), pages 142-148, September 2012

3.  Comparative study of DSL tools [BibTeX, PDF, Source code] Naveneetha Vasudevan, Laurence Tratt Proc. Workshop on Generative Technologies, ENTCS vol. 264, issue 5, pages 103-121, March 2010